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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Jaron Horst Photography

Hello friends! I am SO SO excited to share what’s been happening on the farm with you! We’ve slowly but surely been working our way towards bringing our vision into reality. It’s been an evolving process and has required a lot of patience, but we are motivated by the dreams of what this space can truly be and the idea of sharing that dream with others.

I’m hoping that this can be an avenue to provide updates on the projects that we’ve been working on and to keep you up to date on the renovation of the farm.

Let’s jump in, shall we!

One of the most drastic outside change has been the patio area. Although we have a few more final touches to add (more on that at the end of the post), here is the new and improved space!

First, a walk down memory lane. Here is what the area looked like before...

We really wanted to keep the raw charm of the old stone and brick but add some refined and functional elements that still flowed with the existing materials and structure.

Here’s what it looks like today!

We're so happy with the changes we have made so far. It has definitely been a marathon, not a sprint. There are a few old stone walls around the farm that we wanted to replicate. So, in order to do so, the stones were pulled from the mountain, sorted and stacked like a gigantic stone puzzle. Josiah built the stone wall and seating walls by hand!

For the patio we opted for pavers and matching stone wall toppers. This enables a sturdy area for food tables, dancing or for a cocktail hour.

Once we had the pavers in we could focus on the transition into the pergola area. The pergola provides a structure that anchored the outdoor space as well as provide some shade for our guests. We utilized rough-hewn logs from the forest behind the farm to make the beams of the pergola. .

We wanted the pergola to have a rustic courtyard feel with pebbles, string lights and flowering vines growing up the barn wall (working on the planters and vines currently). Our vision is to have hanging flower baskets, movable planters, modern lighting, some landscaping and a farm table & benches to create an atmosphere for gathering and enjoying the views.

As with everything else, we are excited to see how people will use this space and how it will develop over time!

Thanks for reading! Make sure to pop back over for more updates on the farm renovations! - Becca

First and last two images provided by Jaron Horst Photography.


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